Top 5 Reasons You Have a Clogged Or Blocked Vent…..One in the same

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Dryer vent systems vary greatly from home to home.  Some may be very straight forward and directly vent to the exterior, but the vast majority do not.

Clogging of a dryer vent system is possible to happen anywhere along that whole system:

In order of greatest frequency  (Click on each link to learn more)

  • At an elbow or elbows (link)
  • At a compromised area (link)
  • At the exit (due to animals or a screen)(link)
  • At the dryer (link)
  • At a “booster” fan (highly unadvisable to use these, see this article) (link)

Oh, the things you can find in a dryer vent/duct system……and second to an animal impeding a vent is an abandoned rotary brush.  We have boxes of these!

Many people mistakenly think they can take a drill, attach a brush to it and clean a dryer vent system.  Please don’t…..and this is why:

#1  A dryer vent system is a delicate system that is only designed to accommodate air flow. It is not designed to handle forceful tools that don’t gently and gingerly bend along with the system and these tools will compromise the total integrity of the system.

#2 This damaging brush can only reach so far into the system (yes, making the clog or blockage worse) and a drill brush will only bring out what attaches to the brush – not the lint that is pushed in by using a brush.

More details on the dangers of using a brush, click here.

Briefly we have listed where the greatest issues are found with a clogged/blocked dryer vent.  See our other posts for more details on each one and how these issues can be resolved.

Our technicians are armed with equipment that is highly specialized and it does take 80% of the room in our cargo vans to house this equipment.  Dryer vents are all we do, we don’t clean your gutters, we don’t clean your carpets or your chimney……….dryer vents are our specialty and all we do!  We have cleaned over 8,500 vents in our (over) 30 years of experience, we’re here to help……..have the pro’s clean it!