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An air conditioning duct is a square metal duct that circulates and supplies warmed and cooled air into your home.  These ducts and vents should only be cleaned by an AC professional as well.  Comparing these two duct/vent systems is apples to oranges.  Dryer vent systems handle a very high heat, should never be venting into any of the home spaces at all.  It should cleanly, efficiently and smoothly exhaust to the outside of your home.  And largely; the rules, regulations, specs and codes for each type of system are not similar or even loosely similar.  Dryer ventilation ducts can be found to be constructed of many various (and creative) materials.  Ranging from PVC, corrugated plastic, corrugated foil, etc.   None of which are suited for high temperatures and the large amount of moisture your vent needs to exhaust.   Many systems are too small (meaning the actual diameter of the vent/duct) is not adequate to let your dryer do its job properly.  That’s what we call a “double whammy”.   It’s not fair to your dryer, your pocketbook or the dryer service repair main that you have to keep calling back to replace yet another thermostat.

Air Conditioning professionals don’t possess the equipment, knowledge, or delicacy for the gentle and imperative operation of a dryer vent/duct.  Our service vehicles are so full of equipment that is specialized just for dryer vents, and that is why we are so good at our specialty.

We don’t clean your windows, we won’t clean your carpets, or mow your lawn, we don’t paint or fix gutters…..we clean and repair dryer vents, that’s ALL we do.  You wouldn’t see your dermatologist for a bone spur!