What are you doing to protect your investment, your greatest asset and your family?

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What are you really doing? You make sure your kids and neighbors don’t threaten your security and home value.  But are you missing the greater picture of the threats that are inside your home?  Do you ever consider the dryer vent?

We have all watched the Farm Bureau commercial where the giant lint ball catches on fire and they are touting the redeeming qualities of having your dryer vent/duct being clean.  This is a testament to the insurance agencies being ever more cognizant of the dangers of a the system being a threat to a home.

Farm Bureau Endorsing Dryer Vent Cleaning

We see an increase in the planned communities that are realizing this need for their residents as well.  After all your dryer vent safety is only as good as your neighbors and there may only be a wall between the two of you.

Secondly, we are seeing more and more home inspectors being diligent in the inspection of the dryer vent/duct system and making sure it is a viable and clean system for the existing owner and potential buyer.

Home inspectors and home insurance policy writers have become keenly aware of the dangers of the dyer vent system and it’s potentials.  After all, their job is to help you to protect your home and your family.  The unmentioned benefit is the savings that you will see with decreased utility bills.

If you are purchasing a home: Make sure the vent system and ducting is checked and on the punch out list for the inspector.  Ask questions!  Where is it vented?  Is it to code?  Make sure they turn the dryer on for closer examination of overheating and observing the vent flow.

If you are selling a home:  Be proactive, get the vent cleaned and inspected by a professional and insure you will pass an home inspection.

Remember we are here to help you! It’s what we do!