moisture extraction

Moisture Extraction

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Moisture Extraction A dryer vent system is a vehicle for exhausting lint and moisture from your laundry. One load of laundry can have up to one gallon of water. One 4 foot thread of fiber from your laundry can produce up to ½ cup of lint. A dryer vent system typically has at least two […]

a clogged vent can't breathe

How We Do It

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HOW WE DO IT Our state of the art Anaconda equipment is designed to specifically eliminate lint from your vent system. Every turn, elbow, or joint a system has is an area where lint will build up. Your dryer screen only catches a portion of the lint from each cycle, the remainder travels to your vent […]

Professional Difference

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Professional Difference Regularly we see homeowners and other service professionals that have used these methods in an attempt to help.  The professional difference is that All Out Dryer Cleaning Service will  continually assist to rectify and correct the use of these methods in our consultations and repairs.  Help yourself out, don’t create a larger issue by using […]