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Many times we hear “my neighbor says he can clean it” or “my husband got brush eater thing and he’s going to fix it”.  That just reinforces time and again that the world doesn’t understand the world of dryer vents…..please, please, read our other articles.

Unfortunately, as many professions experience, there are opportunistic persons out there who see a niche where they can fly in by night, hang a shingle or a sign and voila they are “dryer vent cleaner.”

It’s an unfortunate and devious practice that spans all professions.

We are able to put our money where our mouth is!  We are the original dryer vent professionals – many have and are attempting to imitate (yes, it’s supposedly a high form of flattery, but without knowledge, experience, and our specialized tools……..they are flimflammers).

We are often imitated, but never duplicated.  You will swear others services, but you’ll swear by ours.

And we state this with great pride and confidence from our 25 years of experience.  Just like individuals, every dryer vent/duct is different and has unique attributes.